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About Planning Policy

The Planning Policy team produce the policies and plans which shape development in Slough. It is the job of the Planning Policy team to create a plan for the local area that both complies with the legal requirements set by national government, and meets the needs of local residents and businesses.

In particular, the Planning Policy team is responsible for producing the Local Development Plan for Slough. The Local Plan sets out the long term overall vision for how the area should develop, and a strategy for how this should take place. This policy sets the framework for making decisions on individual planning applications. All planning applications – whether for a small extension to a building, or for a large development of multiple houses – must be approved or rejected in line with the policies in the development plan, unless any other strong planning reasons emerge.

The Local Plan is formed of several parts. It includes a strategy for development in the area, and allocates strategic sites that are crucial for this. It also contains a ‘proposals map’, which shows the policies that apply in particular areas, and several ‘saved policies’ that address specific issues such as conservation areas or the use of green space.

The Planning Policy Team in Slough are currently working on an updated Local Plan for Slough. You can find out more about the current and emerging local plan from the links below:

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