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Climate change and carbon management

Our government accepts climate change is happening and man-made emissions are the main cause.

Slough has to respond to this and in the coming years and decades it is predicted that:

  • temperatures will rise
  • winter rainfall will increase
  • summer rainfall will decrease and
  • heat waves, droughts, storms and floods will become more frequent and more severe.

These changes will have a major impact on the people, businesses and infrastructure of Slough.

This gives many challenges and opportunities. It's not possible for one group or organisation to address all of these issues on their own: it's important that local groups work in partnership to:

  • share information, ideas and best practice
  • develop joint action plans to deal with the many challenges ahead.

To do this we are working with the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board. A dedicated Climate Change Priority Delivery Group (PDG) has been set up and has representatives from the:

  • public
  • private
  • community sector
  • voluntary sector.

Together this group have developed a Climate Change Strategy for Slough. It sets out the Climate Change PDG’s commitment to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across Slough and the council's operations. It also outlines:

  • the agreed targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the short and long term
  • some of the specific measures and plans to help Slough cope with predicted climate change.

A Climate Change Action Plan will be developed in consultation with local partners to gather information on their climate change actions for Slough. It will support the long term delivery of the strategy and will give a comprehensive overview of the:

  • actions that need to be taken in Slough to address the causes and effects of climate change
  • encourage all sectors of Slough's community to reduce their own emissions and adapt to changes
  • provide opportunities for renewable energy generation within the area.

SBC corporate emissions report

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Climate Local

Slough Borough Council signed up to Climate Local in June 2014

Climate Local is an LGA initiative, supported by the Environment Agency Climate Ready service, to drive, inspire and support council action on climate change. Launched in June 2012, it aims to support councils both to reduce carbon emissions and to increase resilience to a changing climate. The initiative is the only one of its type in England and is the successor to the old Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

What you can do

The PDG’s Climate Change Strategy gives tips on how everyone can help tackle climate change.

You can also sign up to the PDG’s climate change pledge, found at the end of the summary document. This will raise awareness about climate change and encourage partners, residents and local businesses to take action and share good practice.

Once you have made your pledge, we will promote your good practice on this site. Your information will also be used to help guide the Climate Change Priority Delivery Group to identify where further support is needed.

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